Benefits of honey: know the top 5


From gastronomy to the pharmaceutical industry, the benefits of honey are numerous. Therefore, it has been a beekeeping product that has been appreciated since ancient times, when we began to know its many forms of use. Nowadays, honey is easily found in pharmacies and supermarkets, so you can enjoy its properties with great ease.

If you want to know more about it, know below 5 benefits of honey!

1. Sweetener

Honey has a high amount of glucose in its chemical composition. Hence, it is the main power source in hives, as it is a powerful source of energy. The high concentration of the substance still gives it a sweet taste, which makes it an excellent sweetener.

It is also worth mentioning that, according to nutritionists, honey is an easily digestible product. In addition, it has a variety of minerals and vitamins, characterizing itself as a alimento muito nutritivo. For this reason, it can and should be a healthy substitute for refined sugar.

2. Expectorant

You may have noticed that pharmacies offer pure honey on their shelves, in addition to some mixtures with propolis and other ingredients, such as ginger or lemon. This is because honey is an excellent agent against cold symptoms and is potentiated when used in conjunction with other products with pharmaceutical properties.

In this sense, one of its benefits is its expectorant action. Thanks to her, he is an excellent ally against coughs and sore throats. So, remember honey when you have any of these symptoms.

3. Healing properties

With anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, honey can be applied to treat sore throats. Its potential is so great that it even serves to fight antibiotic-resistant bacteria. Because of all this, it is a product so recommended by doctors to treat colds and symptoms, especially in children.

4. Increased immunity

Because it has so many pharmacological actions (antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antiviral), honey can be your immunity's best friend! If taken regularly, it can serve as a preventative against illness, especially seasonal colds. So, include this ingredient in your diet!

5. Dermatological action

Honey is not limited to oral use! You can also make topical use for wound healing and against mycoses. These actions are possible thanks to the properties of honey to sterilize and fight infectious agents, which reduce healing time.

It can also be used as a dermocosmetic, when applied as a component in máscaras faciais caseiras. Depending on the combination you make, honey can have a moisturizing, exfoliating and even anti-acne and skin sensitivity agent.

As you have just seen, honey is a very versatile product and has applicability in different sectors of our life, from gastronomy to skin care. That way, always have a little bottle in your home and enjoy its properties!

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