Inovação, tecnologia e propósito aplicados à apicultura.


It was in Alagoas, a place where the sun, the heat, and the sea take all the attention for themselves, that three businessmen decided to join forces to realize a common dream, to use technology, information, and innovation to bring another protagonist to this land: beekeeping.

But the goal wasn’t just this one. The main purpose is to integrate technology, information, and innovation while respecting the environment as much as possible and giving prominence to those who really make it happen: nature and family producers. After all, they are responsible for everything that arrives at our tables. Thus, the challenge was launched.

After a lot of research and planning, the project in mind, and the will to do it, the time has come to find the perfect places to produce the purest inputs. The Atlantic Forest and the Caatinga were chosen to start the project. However, the Caatinga is not just an adjunct to this adventure because a potential giant permeates this biome.

One of our purposes is to support and make a difference for this land, which despite being arid, is a living and pulsating organism because the Caatinga is capable of providing much more than our initial dream. Therefore, it became the apple of Beeva's eyes.

To materialize the project, the chosen place was Marechal Deodoro, a land full of history and inserted in the surroundings of an area of environmental preservation. Designed to be as sustainable as possible, Beeva was based on two very important concepts: Biophilic Design, which aims to connect people to nature in workspaces, making them comfortable, energizing, and inspiring; and Net Zero, which aims to reduce the consumption of water, energy, and waste in installations, reducing or eliminating waste and guaranteeing the viability of these resources.

But Beeva also believes that the best input is acquired with respect. For this reason, the entire management process of Beeva's partner producers focuses on environmental preservation, which guarantees natural nutrients for bees to feed on and produce unique inputs.

This is a story that is just beginning. The chapters are still being written, but the next pages will take you to our territories, where you will get to know in depth each differential that makes Beeva a foodtech ready to explore the world.


Imagine a place that believes in sustainable development, supports the reduction of social inequalities, and believes in the strength of biodiversity.

Imagine a company where technology and innovation go hand in hand with social development and environmental preservation.

Imagine innovative solutions in the beekeeping production chain being created to promote the well-being of both, those who consume and those who produce.

Imagine consuming with purpose. Nice to meet you, we are Beeva.


We are a clean industry. This means that in addition to not using chemicals in the manufacture of our products, a large part of our waste is reused in some way.

This is a commitment that we signed with the ecosystem that welcomed us with open arms.


Foodtech is a term that, for us, represents the meeting between natural inputs and technology. It is when we use knowledge and devices to improve agriculture as a whole: from the production process of raw materials, through the network of producer partners to distribution channels.

Foodtech is a fundamental link for any sustainable production chain, but above all, it is constantly rethinking the way we produce, sell or serve food.


Consuming responsibly is essential to achieve our purpose. For this reason, we value the intelligent consumption of natural resources such as water consumption, as well as seeking to reuse everything that is used so as not to interfere in the hydrographic cycle of the region.

Besides, we seek to produce energy from renewable resources and eliminate the practice of disposing of solid waste in landfills.


Contact with nature is not only good for the body and soul but also the performance at work. With these benefits in mind, we adhere to a construction model based on biophilic design, which integrates nature into the work environment.

We insisted on having nature on all sides through an architectural project that respects and values the space in which it was built.


One of Beeva's premises is the quality of its processes and products, and technology is one of the tools to achieve this goal. Through our laboratory, we are developing constant studies to reflect on the products that are being developed and brought to your table.☺