We produce with purpose

We believe that producing sustainably has a direct relationship in acting as a partner in a fair and reliable relationship, connecting people, valuing the environments they are inserted in, generating income, and supporting the permanence of man in the field through beekeeping.

How do we do it? We mapped the collective demands to make sustainable forms of production and conservation of the environment viable as a form of social insertion for small and medium-sized rural properties.

Although we love all Brazilian biomes, we have a special appreciation for the Caatinga. After all, who would say that it has more than 900 plant species, which are capable of generating unique raw materials?

So it is. Here in the Caatinga, the more than 200 species of native bees produce all beekeeping derivatives free of pesticides and with flavors characteristic of the flora of their habitat! That is, as unique as the biome that houses them.

diving in the caatinga

We support local strength

We support local strength


Relationship of trust and partnerships that generate results, for those involved and for the environment. For this reason, we promote here the reduction of inequalities through projects, with a focus on the protagonism of people and on valuing the strength and uniqueness of Brazilian biomes. This makes all the difference in the life of those who help us bring the best product to your table.

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We promote the scientific development of beekeeping

We promote the scientific development of beekeeping


Bees are fascinating: in addition to being protagonists in the maintenance of human life, the pollen produced by them is considered a superfood with several types of health benefits. But we believe that we can know much more about them.

For this reason, we propose to carry out studies in partnership with institutions that share the same thirst for knowledge that we have. This helps us to discover all the benefits that products derived from beekeeping offer and understand how our products can help you live longer and better.

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meet our partner producers

We are very proud of our partner producers! They help us bring you all the benefits that beekeeping provides. For this reason, we present to you some of our producers who have embraced our mission to offer flowering honey with unique and characteristic flavors from our biomes.

Each video has a story full of dedication, affection, and respect for bees and the environment. Here's how our heroes bring our purpose to life:

Ângelo Márcio, um dos produtores representante do Mel Mata Atlântica Silvestre

Afonso Odério, um dos produtores representante do Mel Caatinga Silvestre

Antônio Xavier de Oliveira, um dos produtores representante do Mel Caatinga Jitirana

Antônio Fernando de Oliveira, um dos produtores representante do Mel Caatinga Bamburral

Fernando Barbalho, um dos produtores representante da própolis Fusion

Jean Carvalho, um dos produtores representante da própolis vermelha

Antônio de Oliveira, um dos produtores representante da própolis verde

discover our projects

Producing with respect for people and the environment is part of our essence. For this reason, in addition to being a company that produces in a clean way, we use beekeeping as a transforming agent for local communities.

All of our projects aim to encourage and help develop initiatives to preserve the environment, aiming at the conservation of biodiversity in Brazil.

Also, we aim to promote sustainable development with local populations, developing environmental education programs, empowering communities, and proposing sustainable alternatives for generating income, to reduce the environmental impact in these areas.

Finally, we intend to carry out research in the areas covered by the projects to encourage activities that aim to protect Brazilian biomes.


Beeva is one of the few products on the market that you don't need to try to know it's of extreme quality. When I visited the industry, I hadn't tried it yet, I left there a fan! Today I only consume Beeva, it's more than a brand, it's a seal of quality!

Deco Sadigursky

To be able to contribute to a project like Beeva's, which brings us light for the future, sowing sustainability, quality products and manpower in the countryside. It makes us feel better, better, better…

André Generoso

chef at Gula Divina restaurant