caatinga jitirana honey

caatinga jitirana honey

caatinga jitirana honey

The Caatinga is the only biome exclusively Brazilian. It occupies about 11% of the national territory and 70% of the Northeast region. It is our star biome because, in addition to being unique, we see it as an opportunity to develop organic products.

And this is where our Caatinga honey product line comes from. Produced in this exclusive and rich biome, it can be used to strengthen the immune system and improve digestive capacity, in addition to being a natural source of energy. In gastronomy, its use is abundant to sweeten foods naturally.

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Origem do produto

Único Bioma 100% Brasileiro, o Bioma Caatinga oferece riquezas naturais subestimadas. E é nesse bioma diversificado e que tanto acreditamos, que está a origem dos nossos produtos da linha de Méis Caatinga! Respeitando a sazonalidade desse ambiente, suas floradas especifica e sabores únicos.

Antônio Xavier de Oliveira

One of the producers representing the flowered caatinga jitirana

Loving what you do is one of the secrets of Seu Xavier, one of our producers representing the flowered Caatinga Jitirana. It is incredible to see the enthusiasm of Seu Xavier talking about his 33 years dedicated to beekeeping. This passion even inspired his wife and two children to participate in the work.

Just like the bees build together and gradually their hive, this family built the fulfillment of a dream and helped several partners in the region where they live, passing on the best practices of advanced and sustainable management.

Localização do produtor
Chef Roger Lima

Chef Roger Lima

Talent and sensitivity are two characteristics of Chef Roger Lima, born in São Paulo, with a nomadic spirit, he traveled to several countries but chose to stick his roots in Alagoas four years ago. A great reference to contemporary Japanese cuisine, he presents all his talent at Hatsu Izakaya, valuing the delicacies that Alagoas offers, having a unique look at how to work in the best way the inputs found here. Roger is one of our beeva’s ambassadors and through his creative process he has presented us with several recipes using our product lines.200g good quality tuna, rectangular cut;

sugestão de receita do chef

El tuna jitirana

  • Ingredientes:
  • 200g good quality tuna, rectangular cut
  • 150g of sesame
  • Beeva jitirana honey (amount for you can bread sesame in tuna)
  • 4 units of Shitake mushrooms
  • Shoyu and lemon
  • Salt and pepper of your choice
  • Preparo:
  • Prepare a piece of tuna cut in a rectangular shape and brush with a sufficient amount of Jitirana honey to cover the entire surface of the fish;
  • Place the sesame in a container and dust it, so that every piece of tuna is covered by the sesame, creating a crust;
  • Grease a frying pan with olive oil and heat it;
  • Place the tuna in the hot pan and turn it so that all the surfaces are grilled, taking care that the inside of the fish is still in a pink spot;
  • When the tuna is about to finish, place the four mushrooms to grill next to the fish, taking care not to burn the shitakes;
  • After finishing the tuna and mushrooms, cut the tuna with a very sharp knife in the shape of sashimi;
  • Assemble the dish to taste;
  • Finish with drops of lemon, shoyu, and salt on the fish and mushrooms, and finally take a tablespoon with a good amount of jitirana honey on the tuna, to catch its entire surface.