Red propolis: study identifies anticancer substances in resin


Since ancient times, it has been known that the própolis It is a substance beneficial to human health. Therefore, it is widely used in the fight against infections and inflammation and also as an anesthetic, among other functions. But its applications don't stop there!

Science continues to investigate its properties and recently a estudo revelando que a própolis vermelha possui substâncias anticancerígenas in its composition. The discovery was of great value for the development of Oncology and may bring new perspectives for the treatment and prevention of different types of cancer.

To learn more about this news, keep reading this post! Below, we tell you the details about the survey and talk more about the própolis vermelha.

Study results

Propolis is a substance investigated by different Brazilian research groups, which seek to find new applications of the substance for human health. This is how a team of researchers from the University of São Paulo (USP) and the University of Campinas (Unicamp) identified two anticancer substances in red propolis.

The research results were published in the Journal of Natural Products and point to an optimistic scenario for cancer treatment. According to the researchers, the molecules that were isolated promoted a considerable reduction in tumor cells related to breast, ovarian and glioma cancers.

In this sense, it is worth noting that the identification of these substances becomes even more valuable because these types of cancer are extremely resistant to drugs normally used in oncological treatments. Because of this, they are extremely difficult to combat. Therefore, red propolis appears as a hope to facilitate the reduction of tumors and reduce the suffering of patients suffering from the diseases.

In addition to the anti-cancer substances, the scientists also described six previously unknown polyphenols that are present in the substance. Therefore, we see that there is still a lot to know about red propolis.

The red propolis

Propolis is a resin produced by bees from floral substances found in the region where the hive is located. Therefore, its properties may vary according to the biome. Red propolis, for example, has its origin in the mangroves, especially in a plant known as "bugio's tail", responsible for its reddish color.

Despite being found in other states in the Northeast and even in other Latin American countries, Alagoas has become the main producer of red propolis extract due to the abundance of raw materials along its coast. Therefore, Alagoas propolis became very famous and gained the attention of researchers from Brazil and the world.

In its composition, studies had already detected the presence of a rich variety of phenolic compounds. Chalcones, flavonoids, isoflavones, pterocarpanes and benzophenones are some of them. All of them have different biological activities and are linked to improving the immune system, fighting inflammation and infections. 

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