Honey for cough: understand how you can use to treat it


Research carried out with honey reveals that the product has several pharmacological properties, since its compounds allow it to perform anti-inflammatory, antibiotic, and even healing actions. Using honey for coughs, for example, is an excellent way to treat this symptom.

In order for you to understand more about the subject and discover how honey acts when coughing, keep reading our post. Below, we explain everything in detail!


Why use honey for cough?

We all know that cough is a very uncomfortable symptom, caused by inflammation in the airways, especially in the throat and lung regions. To make it worse, it always comes with other symptoms, such as pain or nasal congestion. Because of this, it is necessary to act quickly to combat it. At such times, honey can be an ally.

Even if you are already on prescription drugs, honey can be combined with treatment to speed healing. According to research, it can anesthetize the throat, reducing the occurrence of cough, and can even treat inflammation, as it acts against bacteria. In addition, it also has an expectorant function, which helps to end congestion.


How to administrate?

A spoonful of honey three times a day is enough to help relieve coughs and fight inflammation. There are, however, some ways to combine the product with other ingredients and enhance its effects on the body.

For you to discover the combinations, the effects they provide, and how to make them, we have listed 3 recipes below. Check out!


1. Lemon with honey

Combining honey with lemon, you get a mixture that includes flavonoids, vitamins B, and C. With this, you consume a product that helps strengthen your immune system and even has an antioxidant effect, which acts to fight inflammation. So, it is an excellent choice in the treatment of colds and flu.


2. Honey with propolis extract

Like honey, propolis is a substance produced by bees with various pharmacological uses. To combat cough, we highlight its anesthetic, antibiotic, and anti-inflammatory actions, which form an unbeatable combination against the agents of colds and infections.

So, you can mix a spoon of honey with a few drops of propolis extract. The combination can still be used regularly in order to strengthen the immune system.


3. Ginger tea with honey and lemon

We have already shown that lemon can add vitamins to honey. In this recipe, the combination gets another very powerful ingredient, which is ginger. The root has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

To make the tea, just boil water, pour a few pieces of ginger, and wait for the infusion to occur. Then add a spoon of honey and juice of half a lemon.

Despite all the benefits that we present, it is important to warn about the contraindications of honey: because it has a high concentration of glucose, the product should not be consumed by children under one year old or by diabetic people.

Now that you know how to use honey for cough, how about finding out what benefits propolis brings to the body? Check out our post!